Cannot receive file over Bluetooth

In the absence of Wi-Fi and USB cables, all I was left with was Bluetooth. However, upon multiples attempts, I was unable to send the PDF I needed from my phone to my laptop.

It looks like it boils down to obex.service, which is responsible for sending/receiving files over Bluetooth.

journalctl -ft obexd showed some suspicious error messages, so I tried launching it manually via /usr/libexec/bluetooth/obexd --debug --nodetach --auto-accept:

obexd[9095]: obexd/src/obex.c:obex_session_start() 
obexd[9095]: obexd/src/obex.c:cmd_connect() 
obexd[9095]: CONNECT(0x0), <unknown>(0xff)
obexd[9095]: obexd/src/obex.c:cmd_connect() Selected driver: Object Push server
obexd[9095]: CONNECT(0x0), <unknown>(0x0)
obexd[9095]: obexd/src/obex.c:cmd_put() 
obexd[9095]: PUT(0x2), <unknown>(0xff)
obexd[9095]: obexd/src/obex.c:parse_type() TYPE: application/pdf
obexd[9095]: obexd/src/obex.c:parse_name() NAME: IB002-2019-slajdy.pdf
obexd[9095]: obexd/src/obex.c:parse_length() LENGTH: 3490576
obexd[9095]: open(/home/jurf/.cache/obexd/IB002-2019-slajdy.pdf): Operation not permitted (1)
obexd[9095]: PUT(0x2), Forbidden(0x43)
obexd[9095]: obexd/src/obex.c:cmd_disconnect() session 0x55d4d35917f0
obexd[9095]: DISCONNECT(0x1), <unknown>(0xff)
obexd[9095]: DISCONNECT(0x1), Success(0x20)
obexd[9095]: disconnected: Transport got disconnected
obexd[9095]: obexd/src/obex.c:obex_session_destroy()

So, it looks like for some reason it doesn’t have access to files in .cache/obexd/? It was able to create 0-byte placeholder files in it, however. It wasn’t specific to the filename in question.

I tried giving the folder in question the broadest possible permissions, without success (which I would be surprised since obexd is launched as a user service). So maybe SELinux?

I don’t have any trouble reproducing this, I’ll gladly provide more info if needed.

Hmm maybe try a sudo setenforce 0 and then see if it works, or check the journal for any SELinux denials? If that doesn’t work, maybe also try deleting the entire cache directory.