Node.js Bluez package connection problems on Silverblue 35 Toolbox (permissions?)

Hi everyone!

I’m trying to install Deskbluez utility for my Bluetooth desk controller in a Toolbox container. I was able to install it with npm -g after installing few missing dependencies. The utility seems to be using node.js bluez library for connection (it’s used in src/lib/bluetooth.ts file).

However, the Deskbluez utility does not find any Bluetooth devices even though there is plenty of various devices around me, even after removing filter line in bluetooth.ts file mentioned earlier. I’m running the app without root permissions, otherwise i get some Dbus error.
I installed bluez-tools package through dnf in the same toolbox and it works correctly, listing paired and discoverable devices.

My question is are there any permissions I should set for the node app process and how can I do it? Or maybe there’s some other problem?

EDIT: I found a different NPM package, linak-desk-cli, which uses webbluetooth. It also doesn’t find anything, and when i manually set the desk address, it couldn’t connect to it.