Can we have tfs support

unlike zfs that linux cant have support due to license issues but can we have tfs same as zfs and better as it is build with rust.

The project has been dead for several years?


You have to be aware that Fedora uses only vanilla kernels: at our level, we do not add anything to the kernel. Therefore, adding file systems to the kernel is a discussion that has to take place upstream, not here.

can you suggest a place to ask for as we have rust support in kernel 6.0

It is an informal rule that if you request to merge something towards the mainline kernel, it is your responsibility to maintain it (which can already include adjustments before it gets merged into the kernel, and fixes soon after are likely too). So the first step would be to get in touch with the maintainer of this: they have to do this step.

However, be aware of what Robert noted above: the fs seems to be no longer maintained, and it also does seem to be far away from being stable. Further, although I am not an expert for file system policies and plans for the kernel, I’m still quite sure they do not go this direction and I can say that problems would already start with the cryptography architecture of this “tfs”, which is in general obsolete and contains elements that have been already intentionally removed from the Linux kernel (for good reasons imho). The entry barrier to the kernel is high, and that it is written in Rust is itself definitely not an argument if not even a problem atm. Further, this fs is also not yet tailored to Linux.

I do not think that your intention is realistic, and I guess the maintainer never intended such a development. However, feel free to contact the owner or another member and ask about their opinion: Members · redox-os / tfs · GitLab

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