Can some please explain why this pops up when i open firefox? im very concerned

this is a fresh install of fedora 38 workstation using the same install usb as last time, i have done nothing different from last install and yet when i open default Firefox i get this pop up asking me for the password to my PKCS which is on my yubikey?

i have not installed yubikey apps yet or added it to the pam files or to firefox, this is fresh install so i am very confused as to why i am being asked for this password when i open firefox

ive installed fedora countless times and never seen this prompt before, i always use firefox and i have had a yubikey plugged in for the last few installs with no issues, why now is this popping up?

help will be immensely appreciated

EDIT: I reinstalled with freshly verified iso and still i get this pop up when i try to use firefox, what is it even trying todo?

What does PKCS even do for firefox? What benefit can i get from using pkcs with firefox?

But more important why only on this ssd and not the other one in the same machine? Yubikey is still plugged in when i boot that ssd and open firefox so why no prompt then? Both are identical installs with the same settings and same kernel, the only possible difference i can think of is maybe the first ssd did not have yubikey plugged in during install maybe? its a dual boot pc both ssds running fedora, the yubikey is always plugged in so why only prompt for PIV password on one install?

Really will appreciate the help

The config for firefox is probably still in your home directory & I would assume that the /home data was retained for the reinstall. If you did a new clean install and wiped out /home as well then I would have no clue.

i did do a clean install and wipe the disk, also i have never used the PKCS part of my yubikey and ive also never used my yubikey with firefox, i use it for pam.d and ssh but i have not configured anything related to this in the fresh install

only updates from the gnome store have been applied, then i started firefox and was deleting the bookmarks from toolbar like i always do and then it popped up asking me for password

someone has to know whats going here ? pls do explain

Have you seen Bugzilla id=1892137? Seems this has been going on for years. Post 26 may work since you don’t use yubikey with Firefox.