Prompt when opening Fedora packaged Firefox

Does anyone get these prompts when using Firefox?

“Please enter the password for the PKCS#11 token PIV_II”

Not sure if this may be related to my yubikey?

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I have not, but looks like it may be a bug: 1892137 – Firefox keeps on on asking for `Please enter the password for the PKCS#11 token PIV_II" with a yubikey installed



Yea that looks like it. Doesn’t look like there’s a solution yet.

It does not prevent me from using the browser, I just have to constantly click Cancel or Ok whenever it does prompt.

I have tried installing Firefox from flatpak, and that does stop the prompts. However, I notice an issue streaming video, it’s not able to load or use the codecs and nothing plays.

Works fine with the fedora packaged Firefox al ong with having the correct multimedia packages installed.


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