Can I disable automatic toolbox entering when new terminal tab is opened in GNOME Terminal?

When I Ctrl+Shift+T (open a new tab) when I am in a toolbox in Fedora Silverblue, the new terminal also is in that toolbox?

However, this annoys me, because I sometimes just try out a thing in a toolbox (e.g. a dnf search or so) and then want to do something on the “real” host system (e.g. then install the package via rpm-ostree).


  1. Can I disable this “feature”? How?
  2. (If not) Can I at least somehow exit the toolbox in a new tab then without closing that tab?
    I.e. if I am in that toollbox in a new tab and enter exit, it actually closes this tab. Can I somehow get out of this without closing this tab?

BTW: It’s the same when I open a new window. As such, this is no solution. :wink:

Yes. It is a new feature with latest toolbox and gnome-terminal updates.
There is a similar question (and maybe a solution) here: Gnome terminal / launch command 'toolbox enter' on launch
In addition you could ask for clarifications on the project github page: Pull requests · debarshiray/toolbox · GitHub

Just a tip: If you want to run a dnf search <package> without entering a toolbox, just use:

toolbox run dnf search <package>

Or most other commands really…


Okay, asked upstream:

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