Btrfs-assistant [solved]

Hello, I am used to making mistakes so I need a OS and home backup :grin:
I was fine with timeshift, but i noticed Btrfs-assistant is better for Fedora.
Mayi know if i did everything well?
Snapper >Select config root > new

Snapper >Select config home new

Snapper settings: see pic

btrfs maintance: see pic

This will help a lot :wink:

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In the second screenshot, you don’t have timeline snapshots enabled so you won’t be getting any snapshots unless you take them manually or through some other means.

In the third screenshot, you don’t need to select all. You only need to pick one mountpoint from each filesystem.

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Thanks for answering. Yes, i don’t want automatic snapshots, but manually everytime i install app or updating system.
I choose as mount point /, is it ok?

Yes. That should work.

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Again many thanks, have a nice day.

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