Broken setup, can't install F37 again because of 7900 xt

I’ve borked my install trying to update amdgpu firmware, tried several times chrooting into it but I can’t seem to be able to force dracut

I gave up and wanted to install F37 again, but it won’t work because the kernel is too old for the gpu, it won’t boot

What can I do?

Please describe in detail the steps leading to this failure.
It seems you may have had a functioning fedora 37 system, then installed a new GPU or tweaked software and things went downhill.

Specifically, what was done related to firmware. Fedora stays on top of routine firmware updates with roughly monthly updates, and the only thing needed for that update is to run a system update either from the gnome software app or with dnf upgrade.

As of today my system has the following

# dnf list installed linux-firmware
Installed Packages
linux-firmware.noarch                                             20221214-145.fc37                                              @updates

See if kernel in live-respins is good enough.
Nonetheless, what Jeff asks for is important for us to understand what’s wrong and how to tackle it.

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