Brightness Flickering

I’m on F36 fully updated, Gnome with Wayland.
GPU is Radeon RX 560 with the standard amdgpu driver.

I got a 2K 1440p 165Hz monitor and at random times I have brightness flickering.
I use the Standard profile of the monitor (no variable refresh rate enabled).
If I enable another profile like the sRGB it happens more frequently.
I changed DisplayPort cable but the issue is still there.

It also happens while I’m looking the desktop wallpaper sometimes.
Is this something related to Wayland/Gnome/X-Wayland? Are the fps capped at a low number on Gnome and with the high refresh rate of the monitor I get this behavior?

I guess this merge request will fix the issue: backends/native: Add support for variable refresh rate (!1154) · Merge requests · GNOME / mutter · GitLab