Boot stops with fedora update 6.0.16 and 6.0.17


Im running Fedora 36 on an AMD Desktop with Plasma GUI. Since the update to 6.0.16 (6.0.17 same situation) booting stops in the middle. The turning circle animation stop. Reboot only with hard reset. Older version 6.0.15 works without problems. Any Ideas?

when the boot hangs, hit ESC to see the warning/error messages.

Try to boot an older kernel and read out log files, see Viewing logs in Fedora :: Fedora Docs

Also, increase the number of kernels that the system keeps so you can continue testing new versions for a fix and, at the same time, you don’t loose working kernels.

the easiest things work - you are right. With the ESC-Key I saw in the log, that the boot stopped after trying to mount an SMB-Resource on my Fritz-Box (Internet-Router with NAS). I did this with the line in /etc/fstab:

// /home/kh/fritzbox cifs credentials=/home/kh/.smb,
_netdev,workgroup=WIZARDS,uid=kh,defaults 0 0

removing this line everything works like it should. Is it ugly to do so?

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Create systemd.service that mounts your smb drive(s). set the execution time of the service to somewhere late in the process.




You can use the same technique to in mount when shutting down.

The newer 6.0.18 kernel seems to have fixed the smb errors and system freezes seen with 6.0.16 and 6.0.17.

I can acknowledge that 6.0.18 solved my problem. Thank you for the message.

I can solve this problem using systemd. But is it wrong to use this old-school /etc/fstab entry?