Boot option restored (blue screen) problem

Fedora bros, idk why sometimes when i restart i get this screen and everytime i do rpm-ostree change i get it also. people here help me to get windows showing on grub. So if i press continue boot , grub show, with the option to boot fedora and windows boot manager, another thing that happens when that blue screen appears is that when i enter on windows boot manager it ask me the bitlocker password and its gigantic , a pain in the ass to get it and write.
Any ideas how to solve that ?

some consideraion : Both Os are running under secure boot, both are encrypted and BIOS are set to AHCI

Do you boot only from the grub menu? or do you select the OS to boot from the bios boot menu?

Are you booting efi? If so then the grub menu should handle both OSes.

It is expected that booting windows would require the bitlocker password and that when booting fedora it would require the luks password.

that blue screen kicks in before grub, if i click continue boot , grub kicks in showing both OS

I would guess that selecting the “always continue boot” option should bypass that screen in the future.