/boot full when attempting to upgrade

Just attempted to upgrade (via dnf upgrade) but /boot was full, I don’t recall setting the space for /boot so I presume the defaults for the installer need retweaking to at least support a kernel upgrade. Also is this - the new 6.5.4 kernel the Asahi 1.0?

Minor side rant, I find it strange to have a dozen or so communities for Asahi at this stage, am I meant to search Matrix, IRC, or Github, or Discord, or Slack, or Mailing Lists, or GitLab, or Fedora/SIGs, or Pagura, surely there massive duplication across them for such a limited community membership at this stage.

Did you follow the instructions for switching to the 16K kernel variant, including the part about removing the non-16k kernel? If you don’t, your /boot will fill up having both variants.

Sorry if I’m clueless, but doesn’t this mean that the default size of the /boot partition should be doubled (or even tripled?) for new Fedora installs, just to be sure, for future-proofing purposes?

Some users will want to keep using their Fedora Asahi install for several years (without having to potentially reformat to embiggen the /boot partition size in the future). Are you absolutely sure that the current default /boot size will be enough for everyone in 5-10 years?

Because it sounds like some subset of users could potentially run out of space in /boot in the future (like OP already did), no matter if the reason is legitimate or not, for example people who are also using 4K kernels (if the effort to allow using Steam with 16K kernels by running Steam inside a microVM which itself uses a 4K kernel will succeed and becomes more mainstream), or for some other as of yet unknown reason?

4K VM kernels are installed in the VM, not in the host, and so so do not compete for /boot space.

There are also some leftover rescue kernels which we’re removing since they are not useful for us, and in the future initramfs images will likely become smaller as we switch to hostonly mode. With those changes a full set of 3 16K and 3 4K kernels should still fit with room to spare.

I would rather us work to reduce the bloat rather than just doubling /boot size. It’s already 1GB, that should be plenty for any reasonable setup.