Black screen with cursor after installing nVidia driver on Fedora 40

I used the RPMFusion method to install the nVidia driver for my ASUS RTX 3060Ti LHR card. Running an AMD Ryzen 5 2600x processor with 16GB of RAM on an ASUS Motherboard.
Secureboot and Fast Boot are disabled.

As per instructions on RPMFusion, I checked modinfo -F version nvidia and it showed 550.90.07 which means the kmod or whatever that is was built.

I rebooted and the screen is blank with the mouse cursor. I can move the cursor.

I went to tty2, logged in and typed startx and I entered plasma desktop! I checked nvidia-smi and it shows the nVidia driver info!

Why is tty1 blank and tty2 works when I startx?

I am running Fedora 40 - this is a fresh install with kernel 6.9.5-200.fc40.

Can anyone help me fix this problem?

edit: I realized startx starts X11 and not wayland. That was silly of me.

Hey :slightly_smiling_face: !

I’m a Linux beginner, but i’have same issues with my RTX 2060M. Black screen on reboot. My fix for this :

I hope this can help !!!

(sorry for my bad English, i’m French :stuck_out_tongue: )

Thank you for your response! Don’t worry about your English, I’m not a native speaker too.

I’m using KDE, how can I do this there?

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It’s a modification of a file, no problem with KDE, or try to change to X11 at login screen :yum:

Sorry, I was not clear in my previous comment. What I meant is, it says there is no file etc/gdm/custom.confso I cannot make that change.

I am currently back on a 6.8 kernel image. Changed the session to X11.
Removed the 6.9 image which had the nVidia components and going to reinstall the driver again. This time hopefully, it should work.

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Ha ok, no problem :sweat_smile:

Hope it’s good this time :stuck_out_tongue: !

After trying multiple times and not getting it to work, I switched to openSUSE KDE running on X11. Installed nVidia drivers and it works perfectly.

I wish these issues with Wayland and nVidia are addressed by both parties.

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Ok, glad it’s work ! :blush:

Hey there. I wanted to share a quick update. I got Plasma 6.1 and the Wayland update, and even now, the nVidia drivers work excellent!

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