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Thanks for maintaining this!

Hopefully this is a gentle nudge, but no kernel-devel packages are provided.

We provide.

You do! My apologies, the amdgpu installer was looking for a hardcoded package name. I’ll sort that out.

Hiya. Could we please get the *.srpm for the 6.2.1 LTO build? I’m enabling SELINUX and I need the *.spec file :stuck_out_tongue: . Also, I really appreciate you maintaining this.

Currently not available @

EDIT: Please disregard. I found the .spec files. That’s very handy, thanks again.

Hey! Thanks for this. Working just fine! :+1:

Have you managed to make SELinux work? I’ve tried the autolabel method but didnt work, i’ve checked out the config for compiling at:

and the kernel supports it, so by the autolabel method should work, right?
If someone manages to make SELinux work, please tell me!

I do have SELINUX working on my build. I did it by adding:

scripts/config --set-str CONFIG_LSM “lockdown,yama,integrity,selinux,bpf,landlock”

to the .spec file and building.

you basically need your .config file to be changed from:

CONFIG_LSM=“landlock,lockdown,yama,integrity,bpf” >> CONFIG_LSM=“landlock,lockdown,yama,integrity,bpf,selinux”

Summary: It has to be defined in CONFIG_LSM to function as expected.

Disclaimer: I’m not sure if the order in CONFIG_LSM is important. I took my string from the stock Fedora kernel config.

Oh, thank you very much, didnt see that.

But I guess it would be great to have the next builds from copr have selinux support implemented right, will do a request on github.

In release 6.2.3 we will enable proper selinux support.

Here’s a test repository as well, when it builds I would very much appreciate feedback on whether everything meets expectations:

No problem, I’m just glad I could help. I thought about suggesting it, but some people disable SELINUX for its possible performance implications. It’s neat that it’s getting merged upstream. I look forward to testing it.

I can confirm that the test repository build is successfully running on my hardware with SELINUX enabled. Thank you.


We’ll see how it works out. At the most, I will leave the SELinux entry commented and then everyone can compile it for themselves. I’m glad I could help and thanks also for testing.

You’re very welcome. Thanks for maintaining this!

I wonder if would put Centos Stream on your radar as well - that would be great if you did.

Could you test?

Thanks. Would be great if you guys could also fix repo so ‘dnf copr’ would work.

→ $ dnf copr enable bieszczaders/kernel-cachyos

Do you really want to enable [y/N]: y
Error: It wasn’t possible to enable this project.
Repository ‘epel-9-x86_64’ does not exist in project ‘bieszczaders/kernel-cachyos’.
Available repositories: ‘fedora-37-x86_64’, ‘fedora-38-x86_64’

We don’t have "epel-9-x86_64 " support here. If you want, we could add. Did you test kernel on Centos-Steam (from -dev repo)?

Yes. Can hardly call a test what I’ve done - a few tools brake/fail - but kernel-cachyos-bore-lto-6.2.9-cbl1.0.el9.x86_64 seems to run a ok.