Best remote desktop client with Apple Remote Desktop protocol?


I would like to remote into my Mac, which is running the Apple Remote Desktop protocol.
I am currently using Remote Desktop Manager (which I’m running through DistroBox because it doesn’t have an RPM package and has only a .deb package, which is not ideal).

However, it scales down the VNC stream to a lower resolution, which aids latency. However, it’s running on an Ubuntu container (in DistroBox), and I suspect that colors are negatively affected as the colors see more banding than when I use the exact same app (iOS version of Remote Desktop Manager) on my iPad.

I have tried TigerVNC and Remmina, and not yet found any VNC client that scales down the resolution of the stream to achieve lower bandwidth. Thus, VNC clients see massive lag with my network.

I would like to ask whether this community has any better suggestions that work on Fedora.

Thanks in advance for any help!

You can specify custom color depth and quality in the Remmina connection settings.