Battery Calibration

For whatever reason since switching to Fedora the calibration on my battery is way off in upower. It’s lasting as long as it should (about 2 hours) so the battery itself is working as expected.

It is not the original battery with this laptop. It is a replacement that is half the original size and life-span and it is fairly new.

My little battery discharges to about “40%” and all of a sudden goes from fine to “I’m gonna die!” and 5 seconds later my machine shuts down.

When I plug it in to charge it starts ~40%.

Is there a way to correct this? I’ve completely discharged and recharged the battery several times now. It’s made little to no difference.

Depending on make and model you may have success with TLP:

Dell XPS 15 9650.

I had TLP in my Arch install, where the battery indicator worked fine.

However, with Fedora, I have enjoyed how consistently reliable Sleep mode has been. It feels like I rarely need to reboot my machine :smiley: - Do you think using TLP will change that?

I have this a whirl and it didn’t seem to make a difference. Fedora seems to think I have 4 hours of life in a 2 hour battery to boot. Not sure why this is the information it’s getting but I’m prepared to live with it until I eventually buy a new battery.

It is quite possible that the battery monitor is hardware calibrated for a battery with the default capacity and that is what you are seeing with a much smaller battery.

Remaining life is calculated from the expected capacity and the discharge rate. Since voltage is stable and does not drop until at the very end explains the sudden outage with only a few seconds warning.


This makes sense. I know Fedora isn’t Arch but my last system setup didn’t seem to have this problem. While I am willing to accept this trivial problem, I’m open to any further ideas.

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