Badges Update kick off call

Hi all. My name is Ellen. I am the Product Owner overseeing the updating Badges project. We aim to begin dev work on this project in the new year. However, in the mean time, I would like to set up an introductory call with all interested contributors to iron out initial expectations and technical requirements.

Please follow the following link WhenIsGood: Badges Update to choose a time slot that suits you all.

I look forward to meeting you all and getting started!




Hi @eocarrol. Welcome on Fedora Discussion.

Could you elaborate a bit? This sounds like it’s overlapping with Getting Fedora Badges Back in Shape - a most welcome overlap.

Since this concerns Badges in whatever way, could you please tag it with #badges-team and, if it’s a brainstorming kind of thing you are planning, perhaps also with #mindshare.

Last but not least, are the times shown on WhenIsGood converted to local time? The site does not state a time zone. If not, what’s the time zone for the proposed time slots?