Badges for translators

Just to put this on the plate. It would be nice to give some sort of reconnaissance to translators. Since we switched from Zanata to Weblate, badges for this activity stopped to flow and nobody worked to integrate Weblate with Fedora messaging, etc.
It would be nice to consider also this area in the badges revamp effort.


Agreed. This would be good feedback to track in the development end of things. Do you already have a GitLab account for Fedora? If yes or if you are willing to make one, adding the feedback here would be useful:

If not, I can add it on your behalf.

Yes I have, but I don’t know what to add :sweat_smile:

What you shared here works. GitLab will become the place where we start to track this work for Fedora Badges 2.0 and collect user feedback.

This infra ticket could be related…?