Badge paths / docs skill trees

I was talking with @theyoyojo about docs from the KDLP project, and although I have to run to another thing there was an interesting idea I wanted to note down. Joel mentioned organizing docs in “skill trees”, starting from easy high-level intro docs, then growing into more detailed reference material.

This made me think of the badge path idea we’ve talked about for a while, and I wonder if there is some way we could integrate learning docs with related badges — and documentation skill trees with badge paths.

There. That’s the idea. :classic_smiley:

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You’re a mind reader :slight_smile:

We could map out learning paths like ‘finisher’s badge’ with badge system.

Fedora Classroom host get a ‘sensei’ badge. I believe the organizer as well as attendees deserve motivation. The course can be tailored to a beginner (onboarding, 101), to advanced (UX masterclass).

I believe tier-based paths will be great complement to previous badge criteria (wordsmiths, beat writer).


From attendees of Docs workshop and ongoing discussion in Docs Matrix room, I have categorized the types of most sought-after docs skill.

Create a new documentation module

Wiki conversion (to Docs site) and revamp

Use vale and maintain vale in CI pipeline

Optimize release note authoring process across projects

I recall there is a manual badge process.

There is. It’s meant for those badges that cannot be awarded
automatically because the events attached to them do no emit messages on
the bus.

It’s also used for some badges now that have not been ported after
something along the road changed, e.g. FAS → FAS2, breaking the badge
being awarded automatically.

We aim to fix those badges once the work on the Badges backend renewal
has taken shape. Manually awarded badges should be the exception. But
there will always be some.

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I looked at the KDLP project. Interesting, I presented a similar idea in my talk at Flock. I put it in the slogan “Share your experience” as the endeavor to activate Fedora user on an entry level, dedicated dismissing the notion of “technical writer” and the need to acquire writing skills beforehand. And using an easy-to-use Web tool. This is one of the reasons why we launched the writing together initiative and addressed specifically Quick Docs. The next level would be adding advanced formatting skills and then the local authoring environment, The KDLP project is a good inspiration to systematize our efforts.

And I would find it helpful if we could automatically issue badges to the committers and PR submitters for Quick Docs, but perhaps also for other documentation.

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