Idea: F40 release Docs contributor award

Continuing the discussion from Ideas: Contributor metrics:

Following on from previous discussion around motivating and rewarding contributors, I’d love to suggest a radical idea of gamifying Docs contributions towards the F40 release.

F40 release Docs contributor award

Motivate new and experienced contributors involved with documentation across the project

How - criteria to reward/acknowledgement

  1. Pull/merge requests: we can start with two repos - Quick Docs and Docs build
  • Number of Pull/merge requests: technical review, Docs maintenance, new articles and UX improvements
  • Validation of results by board members and long serving contributors: qualitative assessment on the impact of Pull/merge requests
  1. New threads, consensus and actions in Discourse (docs tag)
  • tasks with consensus, in progress, completed
  1. Cookies in Matrix zodbot docs room

  2. Reach to social media: promoting Docs to outside and inside Fedora

  • Posts, videos
  1. Collaboration with other working groups/SIGs

Qualifying period
Nov 2023-Apr 2024

What do you think?

There are multiple docs-related Fedora badges - there’s no way to link the results page directly but search for ‘docs’ on the left here: - specifically the Wordsmith (refers to general docs contributions) and Beat Writer (refers specifically to Release Notes) series.

I don’t think they’re currently being issued because we moved a bunch of repos so the badge system isn’t being notified of commits. That should be fairly easy to fix, though, we have a handy repo list in the site repo: site.yml · prod · fedora / Fedora Docs / Docs Website / Fedora Docs Website · GitLab

And of course, revamping them would be nice too. A separate series for Quick Docs (the current badges predate that repo I think), maybe for merging commits as well as you mentioned… yeah, that would be cool. Doing badges for technical reviews would probably be more complicated, at least for pagure-based repos, but I think GitLab has a way to mark those so it can probably emit a notification for them as well.

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Thanks for sharing your thoughts. My idea is unrelated to badges, actually. The badge system won’t replace award/appreciation week type of nomination.

The count of PR/MR does not show significance/impact of the change proposed and accepted.

All types of contributions are welcomed, but they are not equal. Imagine I made 100 PRs for typos and a couple of links fixed. The other person fixed critical UX/accessibility issues with one MR. Badge system will be geared towards the quantity, not quality.

My suggestions may only be feasible when we have many eyes and attention for technical review and maintenance of docs.

Ahh okay.

I agree that not all contributions are equal, but on the other hand, badges are the easiest way to gamify contributions in general, since they’re already implemented in Fedora’s contributor “ecosystem” and work automatically.

If we want to do, like, “docs awards” :), then yeah, I think we’ll probably need more people…

I’m with you on that.

I completely overlooked gamification of community contributions at my day work is driven by badges :slight_smile: Thanks for sharing repo list that is synced with badge system.

It is reasonable to park “award” ideas for now.

I agree with @pbokoc about badges being the place to focus, but we might also look at what the Quality team does (did? I can’t find one after F35) with “Heroes of Fedora” posts highlighting testing contributions:

Perhaps a “Heros of Fedora Docs” post every release cycle? This could complement fixing the badges – in fact, it could showcase those, and the people who earned the most docs-related badges that cycle…


Great!. I took some inspiration from QA, but forgot to recite it.

I recall the Wordsmith badge has four tiers based on commits. The first tier ‘novice’ is 5 commits. i did more that that in Quick Docs and GitLab, but the badge wasn’t awarded. I was not supposed to track down where it went wrong and how to fix it to get the badge.

The last Wordsmith novice badge awarded was 2015.

I opened a ticket in Fedora Badges repo under project ‘collection’.

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