ATI driver for Fedora 40

Hi everyone! How to install open driver for ATI Radeon 4850 HD ?
Closed driver from AMD website breaks my system so I need open driver.

Is this gpu too old for the kernel amd gpu driver to support it?
I think I saw elsewhere that this gpu is 12 years old, is that right?

This is handled by Mesa.

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Do I need to install Mesa? I’ve read about open source drivers for ATI and they are included in the Linux kernel. But gnome uses software rendering.
I tried to add radeon.modeset=1 to the kernel parameters but I get a black screen :frowning:
When I set the parameter to 0 system works on software rendering.

@gbcox Related to latest Mesa ? What do you think? the GPU is old enough to be radeon / amdgpu

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From what I understand that card was made in 2008 and won’t be supported by amdgpu, so he’ll encounter the radeon issue if trying to use the current mesa version.


Thank you! But which version should I use?

dnf list --showduplicates mesa* will show what you have installed and those available from the repo. You could then dnf downgrade mesa

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Why do you think this will work?

I believe ( and we are starting to see some traction here ) that the current Mesa 24.1.x is buggy with AMD cards. This particular issue the OP has an older AMD/ATI card, so driver issues as well.

here is at least 1 person (minus errors) wh had a better experience with downgrade of Mesa.

This is a wholly different scenario, but I’m seeing a trend with Mesa 24.1.x and AMD cards. . .

I thought the mesa issue is a regression.
But the OP is reporting no driver support at all not a regression?

Valid point.

Are you on a desktop or a laptop? Are you using the HDMI output?

If you boot with radeon.modeset=1, then unplug and plug your HDMI cable again, does it show anything on the screen?