[Article suggestion] Command line


After making a fond relationship with the Fedora Linux desktop experience (like installation and simple use), the common barrier to continuing the new user’s journey is the command line. Many learn the hard way.

Summary: Command-line experience for intermediate users
Description: Many new users have difficulty in finding use cases for command lines other than limited use of basic tasks that can be done with desktop environments. They don’t know how to level up their skills and get advanced tasks done. Most of the next-level tutorials are out of touch for most new users, either too challenging (scripting, automation) or piecemeal basis (it does not give a contiguous learning experience - copy and paste). Even copy and paste uses a different keyboard shortcut in Linux.

This article would be to step through tasks that are best carried out with the CLI. No reason to avoid or fear it. The article is a primer - a compilation of use cases that fill the gap between new users and advanced users. It also aims to highlight unique characteristics of the Linux systems and common misconceptions that are permeated to non-users (heavily influenced by the GUI-only & cross-device app-experience in tablet).

I would prepare the article in series, making them sizeable chunks over a few months.

A rough table of contents looks like below.

  1. File management
  2. Writing workflow for publishing: org-mode
  3. GNU tools
  4. Collaboration with community
  5. Fine-grained control of settings
  6. Ergonomics/mouse free
  7. Home server use case
  8. Working with container


The categories you’ve listed are a little too broad for me to say yes or no definitively. There are a lot of CLI articles already published. I’ll go ahead and say +1 with the caveat that things already covered shouldn’t be done again (except maybe the container articles; especially if you can cover a more podman-centric way of managing containers instead of using docker).


I shared the concern expressed by @glb that there is already a rather large body of articles about the command line so perhaps this could be an article pulling the existing ones together.

New material, however, is always appreciated.

So, +1, tentatively and I’ve created Taiga Card #382 to cover this broadly but as you settle on titles for each article in the series let us know and we will create cards for each one as sub tasks on this article.

Hello Gregory and Richard,

Fair enough. I didn’t realize many of the topics are already in various Linux blogs.
To make it afresh, I’ll refocus the topics and adjust the title.