I'm a beginner at Fedora. I'd like to ask you how to learn it

I’m a beginner at Fedora. I’d like to ask you how to learn it.

Use it. Install the Workstation or any desktop you like. I would recommend GNOME or KDE. Then if you are comfortable with those, try to use the “Everything” ISO from alt.fedoraproject.org

Here is a guide I overhauled on how to install a minimal Fedora KDE system which is detailed and gives you some ideas

And if you have a question, ask yourself “what can I answer myself, what infos do other people need to help me, is it a single question or multiple ones? If it is a problem, how can it be reproduced, what did I exactly do to cause it?”

If you are new I also recommend you use an Atomic Variant. It will cause way less trouble in the future. First check if every app you need is available via Flatpak or RPM (with COPR being a second option).

If you are a bit more specific what you like to achieve and for what kind of work you like to use your Computer/Fedora we might can give you some recommendations of pages/links to get into it. I suppose with “beginner at Fedora” you are referring to Linux in general right ?

I’m already using it. I’m using the Fedora server version. Since this version uses the command line entirely, this made me a little uncomfortable. And I didn’t find its Chinese manual, which made it a little difficult for me, a person who is not good at English, to learn it.

Yes, you are totally right. I need to learn it to complete my university graduation project, and maybe in my future work.I need to learn how to use it to set up the network environment of the nodes, but due to the laziness of the holidays, I will only use a few simple commands for now.

So why not add a GUI? I think GNOME is not meant for light and hackable systems, but this should work.

sudo dnf install langpacks-zh @workstation-product-environment @^gnome-desktop-environment
sudo localectl set-locale LANG=zh_CN.utf8
sudo systemctl enable --now gdm && sudo systemctl set-default graphical.target

You could instead install something like LXQt, XFCE or Budgie which all have their dnf group

Maybe the Chineze Linux User Group http://lugslist.com/ctry/china.php?lg=en could provide some help and pointers in your own language.

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It looks like you are working with the console (terminal) to configure your Fedora Server version? At least that is what I saw on your other topic about the Font size.

I propose that you study first the nmcli command. This is the way you could use to check if your internet is configured the way you like. I found this document (apparently it is also in Chinese available):

Even if the document is for RHEL 7 it should also work flawless in Fedora too.


Thank you so much for such a meticulous help. This is useful for me.

Thank you, I found the organization.