[Article Proposal] Use an elasticsearch in Fedora

Article Summary:

I’d like to propose an article about using Elasticsearch in Fedora

Article Description:

The article will talk about what is Elasticsearch and how I can use Elasticsearch in fedora.

It will then show installation, configuration, and basic examples.

Hmm, it doesn’t appear to be a fully open-source license.

The ‘open source’ Elastic XPack is very different than what most think of as ‘open source’”. To use some of these features you have the source code for in production, you will still need to pay Elastic for a license. (www.flax.co.uk/blog)

As such, I don’t think this would be appropriate for promotion on Fedora Magazine. Thanks for the suggestion though.


I would suggest going with opensearch instead of Elastic for the above reason.

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Speaking of search engines for Fedora, I would appreciate some info about 100% static content search engines. So that static sites like https://packages.fedoraproject.org/ could be deployed without backend.

+1 to opensearch if someone wants to write an article about it. :slight_smile:

I’ve opened Pagure issue 143 for an article on Elasticsearch in Fedora Linux if anyone is interested in writing it. Please let us know if you are.

Did you mean opensearch?

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Yeah,…copy/paste bites again. Corrected.

For this article, will I be explaining how to install OpenSearch (and OpenSearch Dashboard) or the plugin on Fedora?

Probably the tool itself rather than the plugin. Also, I’d suggest that the article focus on describing the tool, what it can do and how to use it rather than the installation details if at all possible.