Article Proposal : Podman with Capabilities on Fedora

Hey team, I would like to propose an Article on Podman with Capabilities, where we can introduce how we can keep the container safe by using Capabilities on Fedora. so for that we can use Podman which is the default container management tool.
Outline for Article:

  • privileged and unprivileged modes
  • Solution on why Privileged containers so unsafe
  • introduction of Capabilities
  • Demo

so please let me know what we can do with this proposal

Thank You,
Shiwani Biradar


Hi Shiwani. Welcome to the magazine.

Your idea sounds great to me. I’ll give it a +1 vote. If another editor seconds the vote, then your idea is officially approved for the magazine. The remaining steps in the process to get your article published are outlined in the below link:

Thank You @glb for sharing the Link.

hey @glb,
can you give me an idea when other editors review this ?


Hi shiwanibiradar. My apologies. I should have mentioned your proposal in yesterday’s meeting but I forgot about it. “Bumping” your post (as you just did) is probably the right thing to do for now.

+1 and some words to satisfy Discourse.
Edit: Card #250 “Using Capabilities with Podman on Fedora” is made and in the spec article category.

Thanks Steve!

@shiwanibiradar, you can now proceed to write your article. Use the Taiga card that Steve made to communicate the status of your article or ask questions of the magazine team.

Thanks Shiwani for volunteering to contribute to the magazine!

yes Thank you. I am working on article


is there any update from the editor on my article draft?


Hi Shiwani:

If your article is ready for review by the editors, please go ahead and move it to the “review” column on Taiga. The magazine team meets on Wednesdays on an IRC channel to coordinate and decide which articles are ready for editing/publication or (rarely) need to be sent back to the author for revision.

yes I moved my card in review column on Taiga

Thank You.