Article proposal: Network Time Security

NTS is a new feature added in Fedora 33. I’d like to write a short article to describe:

  • What is NTS and why it exists
  • Configuration of the NTP client in the installer
  • Configuration of the NTP client in the config file
  • How to check it works as expected
  • Configuration of the NTP server
  • Some common issues

+1 (plus some extra letters to make Discourse happy)

Hello @mlichvar, welcome to the community.

+1 and the extra bits for Discourse. Tagia card #242 created on Kanban.

@mlichvar if you could follow the directions at how to contribute as a writer we can get you assigned to the card and you can get writing!

Thanks. I’ve created an account (same username as here) and this is the preview link:

What email did you use to sign up? I need that to add you as a member (invite you).

It’s mlichvar at redhat dot com.

Hello @mlichvar,
I added you as a writer to the team and assigned the card to you, plus attached the link to the article. I also moved it to in progress. When you feel it is ready move it’s state to in review and the editors will have a look at it.

Thanks, again.

There are few things that will not work correctly with the Fedora 33 Beta installer, so I guess we should wait for the final release.

Are there any recommendations for showing a command that has an 80-column wide output? I’d rather avoid using a screenshot if possible. I tried adding the has-small-font-size class to the pre block, which seems to work in the visual editor, but not in the preview page.

Waiting for the corrections is likely best. AFAIK some have used HTML as a format for difficult to represent things, you could try an HTML block.

I don’t know, but I’d be tempted to try something more like sytle=“width: 80em;” than using a relative font size. The resulting font size could be different depending on the client’s configuration whereas “80em” should work regardless of the client software/configuration.

Alternatively, maybe style=“overflow-x: hidden;”; depending on what you need to be visible.

I tried your suggestion, but it seems it only changes the width of the pre block and not its font size, so the text was either wrapping or overflowing. I tried also setting the font size using the vw units, but that didn’t work well when I resized the browser. The best result I got so far was when the font size was set to 50%. My HTML/CSS skills are low. If there are no other suggestions, I’ll probably leave it as it is.