Article proposal: Introduce An Opensource Real-time Operating System(RTOS)That Born In 2006

RT-Thread, an open-source embedded real-time operating system (RTOS) that provides a wide range of components and 200+ software packages for the Internet of Things (IoT). RT-Thread was born in 2006, it is an open-source, neutral, and community-based real-time operating system (RTOS).

RT-Thread has Standard version and Nano version:

  • For resource-constrained microcontroller (MCU) systems, the NANO kernel version that requires only 3KB Flash and 1.2KB RAM memory resources can be tailored with easy-to-use tools;

  • For resource-rich IoT devices, RT-Thread can use the on-line software package management tool, together with system configuration tools, to achieve intuitive and rapid modular cutting, seamlessly import rich software packages, thus achieving complex functions like Android’s graphical interface and touch sliding effects, smart voice interaction effects, and so on.

RT-Thread Architecture:

Kernel Layer: RT-Thread kernel, the core part of RT-Thread, includes the implementation of objects in the kernel system, such as multi-threading and its scheduling, semaphore, mailbox, message queue, memory management, timer, etc.; libcpu/BSP (Chip Migration Related Files/Board Support Package) is closely related to hardware and consists of peripheral drivers and CPU porting.

Components and Service Layer: Components are based on upper-level software on top of the RT-Thread kernel, such as virtual file systems, FinSH command-line interfaces, network frameworks, device frameworks, and more. Its modular design allows for high internal cohesion inside the components and low coupling between components.

RT-Thread Software Package: A general-purpose software component running on the RT-Thread IoT operating system platform for different application areas, consisting of description information, source code, or library files. RT-Thread provides an open package platform with officially available or developer-supplied packages that provide developers with a choice of reusable packages that are an important part of the RT-Thread ecosystem. The package ecosystem is critical to the choice of an operating system because these packages are highly reusable and modular, making it easy for application developers to build the system they want in the shortest amount of time. RT-Thread supports more than 200 software packages.

RT-Thread Features:

  • Supports resource-constrained devices, the minimum kernel requires only 1.2KB of RAM and 3 KB of Flash.
  • It has rich components and a prosperous and fast-growing package ecosystem.
  • Elegant code style, easy to use, read and master.
  • High Scalability. RT-Thread has high-quality scalable software architecture, loose coupling, modularity, is easy to tailor and expand.
  • Supports high-performance applications.
  • Supports cross-platform and a wide range of chips.

RT-Thread Studio IDE

RT-Thread studio is a one-stop handy and free-to-use development tool that has an easy-to-use graphical configuration system and a wealth of software packages and components resources, making IoT development simple and efficient.

RT-Thread Studio has the features of project creation and management, code editing, SDK management, RT-Thread configuration, build configuration, debugging configuration, program download and debug. Also it combined the graphical configuration system with packages and component resources, reducing the duplication of work and improving the development efficiency.

  • Free-to-use.
  • Supports mainstream C/C++ language development.
  • Powerful code editing and refactoring functionality.
  • SDK Manager supports online download and updates latest source package of RT-Thread.
  • Easy-to-use project creation wizard can quickly validate prototypes.
  • Brand new graphical configuration system, which supports both schema diagram and tree diagram configuration.
  • RT-Thread software package platform offers a variety of package resources.
  • Rich debugging facilities to quickly view and track code issues.

Great things in opensource are never done by one person. They’re done by a group of people. RT-Thread has received many supports from the community developers since the first release in 2006, we cherish and appreciate every contribution, and will commit to working on making RT-Thread more and more powerful.

RT-Thread Contact Info:

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