Article Proposal: How to rebase to Fedora 33 on Silverblue

With the release of Fedora 33, I can prepare an article about the Silverblue upgrade.

This will be identical to with changes according to the new versions.


Big +1 from me for this article.

+1 from me as well. Use the comments section of taiga card linked below if you want to send any comments or questions to the magazine editorial team.

The article should also include steps on how to reset to base deployment image and revert kargs changes for nvidia driver changes if they are installed. This bit me on the rebase until I reverted kargs.


This is a important tip,

So, how did you do that?

I don’t own an NVIDIA card till the AMD driver was open-sourced, so I’m not sure what is need to be done in this case.

I have Silverblue on two machines, one with Intel graphics and other with AMD.

I don’t have time to explain in details … but:

  1. rpm-ostree reset: Reset an deployment to its original image (removing overlayed packages and reseting overrode packages).
  2. sudo rpm-ostree kargs --delete=rd.driver.blacklist=nouveau --delete=modprobe.blacklist=nouveau --delete=nvidia-drm.modeset=1: Remove the kargs changes for nvidia driver.

Could this article be merged into the f33 announcement or for future releases at least? The current user experience is that he will have to look for older articles (assuming he knows they exist), which for sure will contain the correct commants, but the user does not have any way of telling this.

After all, the relevant bits shoudl fit in a relatively small text. e.g.

Rebase Silverblue

Rebase your system to the Fedora 33 branch.

$ rpm-ostree rebase fedora:fedora/33/x86_64/silverblue

Finally, the last thing to do is restart your computer and boot to Fedora 32.

Rollback on Silverblue

If anything bad happens — for instance, if you can’t boot to Fedora 32 at all — it’s easy to go back. Just pick the previous entry in GRUB, and your system will start in its previous state before switching to Fedora 32. To make this change permanent, use the following command:

$ rpm-ostree rollback

The editors are cognizant of this regarding timely information that comes out as an article on the magazine, such as release announcements. There is a suggestion we are following up on, that pertains to this topic where we (the editorial board) would keep a schedule of release cycle relevant articles in step with the activities of Release Engineering. The hope is to better prepare for the announcements, giving us a mechanism to solicit the articles more directly when necessary I think. When you take a step back and look at Fedora’s release event as a whole, you can see it should be a week of articles that tie all the bits and pieces together.