Silverblue 33: how can I fix NVIDIA or downgrade to Silverblue 32?

I am a long time Fedora user, and about five months ago installed Silverblue 32 and got it working wonderfully with the proprietary NVIDIA drivers.

However, after upgrading to Silverblue 33 a couple weeks back I am seeing problems in flatpak and toolbox applications (e.g. GnuCash, Visual Studio Code) where the UI fails to update until I perform another action (e.g. press tab a second time), which means edits often end up in the wrong location.

The only similar report I have found is eivinh comment at the tail end of this thread about Inkscape under Gnome/X11.

Things I have tried:

  1. Nouveau driver / Wayland. This resulted in a very unstable system that wouldn’t boot 50% of the time and eventually froze the other 50% of the time.
  2. Installing native packages with rpm-ostree. GnuCash fails to install with error: Checkout gnucash-4.2-1.fc33.x86_64: Hardlinking a2/2efa7eb81864620ea24a5c92aedc24e5c6d3b24731cce410576613b10aeb2f.file to gschemas.compiled: File exists

I feel thwarted by these 3 separate problems. How can I downgrade to Silverblue 32? (the boot screen no longer lists 32 commit as an option) Perhaps a rebase command?


Yes, you can change to 32 with rpm-ostree rebase. And you can pin multiple versions if you want them to stay around in the boot menu.

It’s actually pretty cool to be able to hop between the versions like this :smile: