[Article Proposal] Fedora with Parental Controls

I’m back again with another proposal. Didn’t have many writing prompts as of late, but I do think that this could be a nice article showing new functionality that many might not have thought off before.

Article Summary:
A guide on how to set up multiple users and parental controls. In it, I will exclusively focus on Desktop + GUI solutions, so that young parents don’t have to deal with the horrors of an Active Directory with SSSD.

I’ll also discuss the importance of Flatpaks (who actually support most of the parental-control logic), the benefits and limitations of such a system.

Article Description:

  • Users and permissions
    • Creating users
    • Admin rights
  • Application Control
    • Configuration
    • Daily use
  • Compromises and limitations
    • Physical access
    • Fallout and bypasses
  • Summary

An article about how to use Fedora Linux seems like a very appropriate topic for Fedora Magazine. :slight_smile:


Great, Kevin. +1 from me, too.

I’ve created Pagure issue #130 to track your article.

Please let us know when you have it ready for review by adding a WordPress preview link to that issue as a comment.

As usual, let us know, via comments on your Pagure issue, if you have any questions.



I’ll make sure I have my Arch Installation guide article ready for April 1st :stuck_out_tongue: