Apps from Snap store not starting

I installed some apps from Snap Store via Gnome-Software-Center. For example IrfanView. They can’t be started. Details “irfanview.irfanview.desktop not found”.

How to start apps from the Snap Store?
Is it necessary to have an account with UbuntuOne? And to log-in to Snap Store?

Do note that IME snap doesn’t run that well on Fedora systems and often runs into SELinux issues, maybe see if what you want is available as a Flatpak?

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It sounds like a problem on Snap’s side.

Natively Silverblue supports applications in Flatpak format, but there are no impediments to running applications in other formats such as Snap or AppImages, however, those questions are more suitable for the Snapcraft forum.

I do not know if someone here uses Snaps in Silverblue that can help you.

Is it possible that it was installed as a classic snap? Those aren’t supported on Silverblue because you can’t create the required symbolic link according to this: