Apple magic trackpad 3 bluetooth does not work since kernel 6.6

I think this is not an issue specific to Fedora but I don’t know where else I can report this.
I have a work PC that runs openSUSE tumbleweed and my personal laptop runs Fedora KDE spin. I have been using an Apple Magic Trackpad 3 connected through bluetooth on both machines for months and everything worked very well, including of course multitouch and touch gestures.

Then my work machine upgraded to kernel 6.6. I can still connect the trackpad by bluetooth but nothing I do with it (click, move the cursor, scroll, …) is detected by the OS. However if I plug it through USB everything works fine.
At the same time as long as I was on 6.5 on my personal, Fedora laptop nothing changed. I could still use it through bluetooth. Then Fedora upgraded to kernel 6.6. Since then I have the exact same issue both on my work tumbleweed PC and on my personal Fedora PC.

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