Apple Magic Mouse stops scrolling after disconnect/suspend

Hello everyone,
I am using the Apple Magic Mouse, or better said I try to use it with Fedora. Everything used to work well several months ago. Now, whenever it disconnects the scrolling function stops working. Therefore, my question would be: is there any setting or flag or whatever related to the scrolling issue which I can 1) inspect, 2) maybe modify to solve this issue?

Any help is appreciated!

Search for ‘apple magic’ on this forum and you will find many threads about problems with that mouse.
Quite possibly some may have identical problems and provide a fix.

The interesting point is that recently many others are reporting this issue and, apparently, there is no solution for it yet. Fingers crossed the next update will fix it!

If you have any idea I could try I would be very thankful!

Check on for already existing bug reports. If there is one that matches your situation then add your data to that report. If it does not already exist then file a new bug report.

Oh, this may well be fixed by bluez 5.75, but I just realized we only sent that to F40 and Rawhide so far. I’ll do an update for F38 and F39 now.

Oh…that sounds very promising! Let´s see! I am going to install it asap!

The latest dnf update has just fixed the issue, with one of those packages: bluez-5.75-1.fc39.x86_64, libgusb-0.4.9-1.fc39.x86_64.