Any interest in packaging ZorinOS packages?

ZorinOS is basically a set of GNOME extensions and packages, to make it look traditional. It is very stable as far as I know and also has lots of GUI customizations.

As people might prefer a traditional Desktop, I think modifying GNOME makes way more sense than what Mate, Cinnamon etc. do. It has Wayland support effordless for example.

Zorin publishes their apps on Github so it should be easy to create RPMs for the needed packages.

These could then be consumed manually, as a custom atomic Image and way more.

I would test ZorinOS and see if it is worth it for me, but I think so. And I would like to learn RPM packaging.

A problem could be, that they use LTS versions of GNOME, this may actually be a dealbreaker.

But if that is not the case, are you interested in such a project?

2 things:

Zorins installer is a total mess and would highly benefit from Fedoras surrounding infra.

ZorinOS looks just like I would expect a hacky GNOME to be. The theming is opinionated, but I think the panel and appmenu are neat and would be useful projects.

Do you mean they are just behind on what GNOME version they support? GNOME does not have LTS versions AFAIK.

This seems to suggest they currently target GNOME 43 (only! ouch), while

Interesting, I thought Debian = LTS using GNOME 43. But RHEL is even more stable here. I assumed there were official versions. Have not checked which version they currently use

Debian does tend to pick LTS / ESR releases of software when available - e.g. Firefox. But no, GNOME does not do LTS releases though in practice if you pick a version that ships with an LTS distro I guess you can at least get critical bugfixes from their VCS, even if those at some point stop making their way back upstream.

Note that Debian has a separate LTS effort - Debian -- Debian Long Term Support - but this is not handled by the normal security team. And unlike RHEL / Ubuntu Debian does not really have predictable release cycles :slight_smile:

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