Install Gnome 40 on Fedora 33

How I can install Gnome 40 on Fedora 33?
I search around and I can not find a way to install Gnome 40 on Fedora 33

You can‘t


Please upgrade to Fedora 34 to use Gnome 40. It will not be made available in Fedora 33. Please read:



Actually, someone is maintaining a COPR repository containing GNOME 40 for Fedora 33:

But as you can understand, this is not an official repository, even if they work, these packages don’t pass all the quality assurance processes that Fedora Linux is subjected to. But if you like to experiment, the repository is there and you are free to use it. But… THERE’S A HIGH RISK THAT YOU WILL BREAK YOUR SYSTEM WITH IT. DON’T USE IT EXCEPT YOU KNOW HOW TO RECOVER A BROKEN SYSTEM!

My advice is to upgrade to Fedora 34.


Yes, I would really advise against using this COPR. It was meant for early testing by devs. It does not go through the Fedora community testing channels. If you do use this, you’ll have to get in touch with the COPR maintainer if things break—the community will find it very hard to provide support.