Any app for screensaver with GNOME+Wayland?

I’m using F36 with GNOME+wayland. Is there some app or some way to get real screensavers instead of just the blank screen? I’m hoping to get a matrix screensaver because I’m lame and stuck in the 2000s. Thanks!

sudo dnf install cmatrix

There are several threads about screensaver on this forum. A quick search would tell you that.

It appears that with gnome 41 & 42 that the screen blanks and so far I have seen nothing that makes a screensaver possible.

There is a way to get xscreensaver to work under gnome wayland:

1: Install it under gnome wayland - it wont work yet but just wait …
2: log out and select gnome xorg as desktop enviroment
3: now xscreensaver app & settings do work - set it up as you like [say 1 minute]
4: now head to fedora settings > screen blank = never / auto suspend = off
5: log out of gnome xorg and select your default gnome again & login.
6: wait 1 minute and xscreensaver is back.

If you want to change settings of xscreen - then return to step 1 etc etc.