Annual Fedora Community Survey

Take part in the annual Fedora Community Survey to help enrich our community further. Don’t forget to claim the shiny badge!!

Fedora Community Survey 2021

Here’s the link to the survey.


Link not leading to a survey.

It goes back to discussion.fp.o home page.

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Thank you for catching it. Updated the link now.

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Just tried to claim the badge and getting internal server error message (attached)

How long will this be open for? I would love to give it a shout out on the next episode of the Fedora Podcast.

I believe this is a known error with the badges website, it should still work. I checked and it seems you have been awarded the badge :slight_smile:


@computerkid the survey will be open for the month of June, so we can definitely do a shout out on the Podcast. @bookwar would be a nice candidate for a guest if she is up to it! I am happy to join in as well.

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I’ll tag her in the ticket.


Thanks very much for letting me know :smiley:

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Took it, and this is mostly great! Some feedback:

  • for ‘current roles’, people who contribute mainly by working on upstream projects (e.g. the OOMD feature in Fedora 34) don’t quite fit. Maybe ‘Developer’ / ‘Feature Development’ can be added next time?
  • on the list of programming languages, Ruby is missing (IIRC - I reopened the survey but it’s on the second page, so I cannot look without re-filing the first page)
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Thanks for the feedback.

How could we forget Ruby!! I am sure I was thinking about it at some point…

Let’s blame Rust for taking its place :slight_smile:


Another feedback I received (different platform) was too add a captcha
Just adding here so it can be discussed later


Has filled it in, just was a bit slow so took me 6 days until i took it on me to fill it in :slight_smile:

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