Alternative to rpmfind

I’ve been trying to find rpm files from but it seems that it is down.

Any idea why or an alternative site to get them?

Thanks in advance!

What about

Thank you very much!

But do I find the same files as in rpmfind?

And I guess rpmfind is indeed down…

Yep, the site search is not working.

In my opinion, it won’t hurt to try.
You may receive a more certain answer if you tell what you need exactly.

The discussion about this site if out of our hands, we don’t provide support for this kind of question…, please contact the maintainer the main site pride that info

at least if you have a DNS resolve issue in fedora, an I think is not your case

you’re right @vgaetera

Please keep the site on TOPIC…


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Thank you very much for your answers.
I don’t have a specific rpm, or to be more precise I have a lot since I am trying to install many programs at the moment.

For example I am trying to find compatibility gcc and g77 libraries to compile 32bit programs or the file

I was just curious since I don’t know the whereabouts on fedora.

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This may be helpful:

dnf provides \*bin/gcc
dnf provides \*bin/g77
dnf provides \*/

Oh this is really helpful!!
Thank you very very much!

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