Cant find files after log4cxx install

Did a dnf install log4cxx. Dnf shows successful install but I cant seem to find log4cxx header files or the log4cxx libraries?
I did a search in /usr and sub directories and eventually from / for certain directory and for certain header files. Nothing found.

Any ideas??

Also: Is there a way to specify to dnf to install in a particular location? kind of like --prefix-inc and --prefix-lib switches of configure??


You can find the files installed by that package with rpm -ql log4cxx
I googled your question then tested the answer.

Ok. Thanks for that rpm command.
So the output of the rpm -ql mentions libraries but no mention of any header files for log4cxx being installed??

I should have mentioned this in my original post:
OS: Fedora 38

It is typical for runtime and compile time files to be in different RPMs.
The pattern is for runtime and -devel for the compile time.

Using that pattern you will need to install log4cxx-devel to get the headers and any other files only needed to compile log4cxx into your project.

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Right! got it. Installed the -devel package and that brought in the headers. Thanks!!