Pulseaudio with Bluetooth A2DP/HSP/HFP profile patches from Pali Rohár. Experimental.

sudo dnf swap pulseaudio-module-bluetooth pulseaudio-module-bluetooth-hsphfpd sudo systemctl enable hsphfpd sudo systemctl start hsphfpd pulseaudio -k

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Thank you very much for the work. This works with my F32 installation after SELinux patch. Tried two bluetooth headphones with headset profiles and both seem to be detected by pulseaudio along with the microphone connection. Although I have not tested the sound quality, and the input sound seemed to low at the monitor bar.

Do I still need to be a member of the audio group in order to continue using this?

Thanks for confirming!

Sound quality greatly depends on your headset model. The best this patchset could offer is a FastStream bidirectional codec with very limited hardware support. mSBC or aptX LL are not supported and likely never will be in pulseaudio. has a list of supported codecs for some devices and links to a very good summary of bluetooth audio, if you are curious.

No, that’s no longer necessary. I found that bluetooth access in Fedora is allowed to all users and updated config to do the same for hsphfpd