After install support for C/C++(eclipse-cdt) ,Eclipse is not running

system: fedora 29 workstation.

I installed Eclipse to learn java $ sudo dnf install eclipse , all was working fine.
Some days later I wanted to practice some “C language”, to do that I ran the command $ sudo dnf install eclipse-cdt.
Now I have two application’s icon, Eclipse and “Eclipse C/C++ Stand-alone Debugger” .


when I run Eclipse, after select the workspace directory It show me the following Error.


I trying to fix that deleting the .metada directory inside the workspace directory, but the error persist

Any help would be very appreciate, please.

I could fix it. First if you created another workspaces in your attempt to fix the problem, you could delete those before if you like. Then run the below command from the terminal.

$ eclipse -clean

Select the default workspace, Eclipse now will run normally. After that you will can run Eclipse normally by “Activities overview” (Gnome Desktop).