After Fedora 39 Update there are Two Nexcloud Symbols in the File App

I am using the Nextcloud client, which I installed from Fedora software app via RPM. There were no issues whilst using Fedora 38. After updating to Fedora 39, I see two instead of one Nextcloud entries in the sidebar. Both of these entries are associated with the same Nexcloud account on my server. So no functional problem, only cosmetic.
Does anyone has an idea on how to remove one of the two Nextcloud entries?

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I have the same problem, I didn’t find a solution yet

Removing com.nextcloudgmbh.Nextcloud.ini from /usr/share/cloud-providers did the trick for me.

If you want to make it reversible, just in case, keep a copy of the file in your documents.


Thanks you, I fixed