Activities in topbar in fedora gnome does not show completely

I use fedora 38 gnome in my laptop and i add a gnome extension for workspace and when i add new workspace the icon becomes smaller and some letters disappear
Screenshot from 2023-06-24 17-40-10
Screenshot from 2023-06-24 17-40-45

how can fix this ?

What extension was installed?
I do not see that type display for the workspaces on my system.

Gnome extensions are now normally installed by use of the gnome-extensions-app. Is that what you used?
The gnome extensions app provides a bar at the bottom of the window with a list of open apps and the workspace links shown at the bottom right corner.

I use this extension
Improved Workspace Indicator - GNOME Shell Extensions

I don’t think the problem is with the extension.
I guess it has a default framing and doesn’t allow it to go out of this frame, that’s why it makes the text smaller.
Is it possible to enlarge the framing?

(For example I added something different and this happened)
Screenshot from 2023-06-24 19-39-12
Screenshot from 2023-06-24 19-41-22

Confirm by disabling the extension. Does the issue persist without the extension? I also see icons to the right of the truncated “Act…” label. Also that is not standard and likely provided by an extension. Does the issue persist if you disable that other extension?

When using extensions, you are at the mercy of the developpers of the extensions. Sometimes, extensions, especially when combined, may not play out very well. It is then up to you to decide which extensions to keep.

I disabled the extension and it didnt fix
Screenshot from 2023-06-30 17-37-59
Google Chrome shows Google C…

I dont think it because of the extension
And I try on my manjaro with gnome 44.1 and there was no problem there.
Screenshot from 2023-06-30 10-13-40

I have installed no extra extensions and this is my topbar

I would wager that something in the extension is incompatible with gnome and causes that issue. Note that there are still several extensions that were written for the older gnome 3.XX and are incompatible with gnome 44.X

Thanks you a lot,
there is a problem with my another gnome extension.

That extension seems to have been last updated about 4 years ago and gnome 40+ is only about 2.5 years old (released on fedora with F34). Same issue as noted above.

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