(Acer laptop) Some keycaps don't respond

Hello, I just did a fresh install on my old dusty laptop, Acer Aspire V3-771. Some letter and number key caps don’t work anymore, like ‘Q’, ‘A’ or ‘1’.

If I try to type sudo dnf update, it ends up looking like this: sdo dnf dae.

I’m using an on-screen keyboard from Accessibility settings, but I’d like to use the built-in keyboard instead. Note: mouse & touchpad work just fine and those key caps worked back on Windows.

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I think this has nothing to do with fedora. If your laptop is dusty and old you can try to clean it with a air spray and the electronic parts like, connector from the internal keyboard, with a contact cleaning spray.

If this not helps you have the possibility to use a external keyboard.

Thanks for the response.