Access / change floppy images in Gnome Boxes

Hi guys,

I hope you can help me - or guide me where to search further.

In short: I’ve installed FreeDOS 1.3 in one of the Gnome boxes and I’m trying to access / manage floppy disk images to install “legacy” software for a personal project. I can’t find any option to access it, and using the CD image option of Gnome Boxes won’t work.

More Details: FreeDOS works starts okay. I “could” access floppy drives A: and B:, but - of course - there is not floppy disk image connected to that. I couldn’t find any information on using floppy images in the web. The alternative - installing VirtualBox - was limited by the non-support of Fedora (I ended up in viewing pages how to sign kernel packages). So I stayed with Fedora’s recommended option Gnome Boxes.
If I would have access to the floppy drives, I’d like to install software (on 4 & 5 individual floppy images). Thus, I need to “switch” the floppies during VM usage.

System info:

  • Fedora 38 Workstation Edition
  • Gnome Boxes with FreeDOS 1.3

Thank you very much for your support & any hints in advance!

sudo dnf install virt-manager
virt-manager -c qemu:///session

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Thank you very much - I wasn’t aware of virt-manager. I needed to learn a bit, but it works! :slight_smile:

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