Abrt setup on a minimal install

I have a Fedora 34 box installed using the Everything installer, but in a very minimalistic manner; the goal is to not fill my precious disk space with software i don’t use. After installing everything i need, i have a working Sway desktop.

The only thing i miss from my old GNOME-based install is the abrt functionality. Even if i install abrt and a bunch of its plugins, abrt doesn’t get triggered when an application crashes. Thus, i can’t (easily) report bugs to bugzilla.

I have no login managers, i just login on tty1 and run sway. I also tried systemd-cat --identifier=sway sway but to no avail (although i don’t remember what exactly i was expecting from this).

My question is, what other magic do desktop environments do to provide such abrt goodness? How should i set it up for my minimal environment?


You can check all the information here with details specification.

Old but GOOD one:


Summarize or Review

sudo dnf install abrt-desktop abrt-cli abrt-console-notification gnome-abrt abrt-cli-ng
sudo systemctl enable abrtd
sudo systemctl start abrtd
systemctl status abrtd


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I found both links, and did what the first one suggests:

sleep 10m &
kill -SIGSEGV $!

but i haven’t received any abrt reports (neither via abrt-applet nor abrt-cli reports anything).

The second link is almost useful; however, it always bugs me a lot when i see suggestions like this (“look at the documentation of this ancient Fedora version for more info”).

Anyways, i did exactly that (installing and starting the abrtd service), and still no error reports when killing sleep with SIGSEGV.