A new confined user tag for asking: beyond selinux, confining su, sudo, suid, wheel, and so on

Given the increasing interest in these topics around the Confined Users SIG and since I have already seen some that maybe could have used it, I thought it is worth to not only have the selinux-confined-users tag but also the su-confined-users tag.

The selinux-confined-users aims [1] …

and [1]

The su-confined-users tag shall serve a comparable purpose, but for questions about approaches and implementations with the goal to restrict or mitigate the use of su , sudo, SUID, wheel and so on (the list is not exhaustive).

@siosm FYI. @boredsquirrel you might be interested in that too.

Don’t forget that for non-ask-fedora topics, we have the confined-users tag within the Project Discussion’s security-sig . I also requested that we get a Matrix channel for obvious reasons: Issue #11993: Create Matrix Channel for Confined Users SIG: #ConfinedUsers - fedora-infrastructure - Pagure.io

Everyone interested in the topic might feel encouraged to subscribe the tag :wink:

Supplement: Wiki is adjusted.

[1] SIGs/ConfinedUsers - Fedora Project Wiki

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Removed selinux

good thing!