2024-03-28 DEI Team meeting: Closing out Q1, Week of Diversity, and improving onboarding

A late summary post, but better late than never! :slightly_smiling_face: The DEI Team last met on 28 March 2024 for our fortnightly meeting, which was a text meeting on Matrix this time. This meeting was special because it was the end of 2024 Q1, which is how we current plan our work as a team. This meant we reviewed the milestone for 2024 Q1, closed out completed work, and triaged ongoing work into the 2024 Q2 milestone.

Notable work in 2024 Q2 by the team includes Fedora Week of Diversity, Mentor Summit, improvement to our onboarding practices, and also establishing an event location selection policy for Flock.

The full details are below. We will meet again this Thursday, 11 April. Hope to see folks there!

Meeting started by @jflory7:fedora.im at 13:04:05 UTC.

Meeting summary

TOPIC:Agenda (@jflory7:fedora.im, 13:04:57)

  • INFO: (1) Intros, welcomes, hellos (@jflory7:fedora.im, 13:05:05)
  • INFO: (2) Team announcements & news (@jflory7:fedora.im, 13:05:07)
  • INFO: (3) DEI Advisor updates to the team (@jflory7:fedora.im, 13:05:10)
  • INFO: (4) Follow-ups from last meeting (@jflory7:fedora.im, 13:05:12)
  • INFO: (5) Ticket-driven discussion (@jflory7:fedora.im, 13:05:14)
  • INFO: (6) Open floor (@jflory7:fedora.im, 13:05:15)

TOPIC:Intros, welcomes, hellos (@jflory7:fedora.im, 13:05:20)

TOPIC:Team announcements & news (@jflory7:fedora.im, 13:08:04)

TOPIC:DEI Advisor updates to the team (@jflory7:fedora.im, 13:16:07)

  • INFO: No updates for this week, but soon will share the Council Hackfest updates across April on the Community Blog. (@jflory7:fedora.im, 13:17:19)

TOPIC:Follow-ups from last meeting (@jflory7:fedora.im, 13:18:03)

TOPIC:Ticket-driven discussion (@jflory7:fedora.im, 13:25:35)

TOPIC:Ticket #19: “Fedora Week of Diversity - planning for 2024” (@jflory7:fedora.im, 13:28:20)

TOPIC:Ticket #2: “New Member template & small docs updates” (@jflory7:fedora.im, 13:45:10)

TOPIC:Other issues (@jflory7:fedora.im, 13:50:27)

  • INFO: Per the end of the quarter, other incomplete/ongoing issues will be moved to the Q2 milestone on GitLab. (@jflory7:fedora.im, 13:50:49)

TOPIC:Open floor (@jflory7:fedora.im, 13:51:05)

Meeting ended at 14:00:26 UTC.

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