Zotero LibreOffice integration does not work

Hi there,
I have installed Zotero from flatpak on my Fedora 35, but the plugin for Libreoffice did not work oob. I thought it was a problem with flatpack, so I followed up uninstalling it and installing Zotero from the official tarball.
As this didn’t work either, I installed the addon manually from the extensions folder in the tarball. The installation goes well, but when I try to use it I am met with the following message:

LibreOffice could not communicate with Zotero. Please ensure Zotero is open and set to an online state and try again.

I tried with both tarball and flatpack (reinstalling it again), with no success.

Would you be able to help troubleshooting this? Thanks a lot

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I solved by deleting ~/.zotero/zotero/randomstring/extensions.json and restarting Zotero