Yubikey user authentication on Fedora 31

I would like to login and sudo using a Yubikey. Unfortunately documentation I have found online is for previous versions and does not really work. How do I modify system-auth to include this method?

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I don’t have an immediate answer for you, but it might help to know what documentation you followed and where/how the failure happened.

Sure thing.

the wiki article is here.

I also looked at old fedora documentation here.

There was no specific failure, the yubikey works for the browser (to login a website for example). However, I do not see a way to add the yubikey as an option at user login.

Thanks! I’ve opened a request to add this to the Quick Docs, so if someone contributes an answer here, please also make that contribution.

I’m interested in the answer, too, and I might dig into it as I have time, but that’s not likely to happen soon. :slight_smile:

@autonomouscolar, @bcotton I think this is quite ussefull, in fedora magazine there are wonderfull post about it, and I think is quite up-dated 2017, 2018:

Here are the reference:

The first one show how to enable login in GDM via Yubikey, and show reference to the second one.

Authentication with PAM

reference to your page ->


sudo dnf install pam_yubico

and add it to pam… doesn’t work

I also think this is a process that don’t change frequently…

Reference too -> https://www.reddit.com/r/Fedora/comments/bqq9yn/yubikey_as_login_card/

Regards., HTH